About the author

Katharine DeBrecht is a pen name for a mother of three. A former Washington DC intern who once worked on a national presidential campaign, she is a self-described political junkie and champion of conservatism. She resides with her husband and children in South Carolina.

Book Summary

Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed! A Small Lesson in Conservatism is a wonderful way to teach young children the valuable lessons of conservatism. In simple text, parents and children follow Tommy and Lou on their quest to earn money for a swing set their parents cannot afford. As their dream gets stuck in Liberaland, Tommy and Lou’s lemonade stand is hit with many obstacles. Liberals keep appearing from behind their lemon tree, taking half of their money in taxes, forbidding them to hang a picture of Jesus atop their stand, and making them give broccoli with each glass sold. Law after law instituted by the press-hungry liberals finally results in the liberals taking over Tommy and Lou’s stand and offering sour lemonade at astronomical prices to the customers.

Rob’s now working at The Forklift Center, which is one of the largest sources of new and used forklifts in the United States. The Forklift Center is headquartered in Los Angeles, and carries all types of lift trucks, available for sale, rent and lease.

About the Illustrator

Greg Bradley is an accomplished illustrator, web and graphic designer, and writer in the Orlando Area. A graduate of Florida State University, Greg earned his degree in Studio Art with a focus in Fine Art and Graphic Design. His unique style is birthed by his attachment to realism, infused with his customers needs for any given project. His style is always changing, customized for each project he works on. For further contact information please contact Xulon Press or visit gregbradley.com.

Coming soon! Learn more about the liberals under the bed! Find out how the Tax Liberal really made his money, how many class action suits the Broccoli Liberal won and what the Big Toe liberal says about activist judges! Bonus daily SLOP (Silly Liberals Oh Puleez!) served up by your favorite conservative children’s author!